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MB589: Decentralized Memetics

No Kings. Only Memes.


Run on the XRP Ledger

Moonboi589 is built on the XRP Ledger, ensuring fast, secure, and efficient transactions with global reach.

Meme Economy

Embracing the power of memes, Moonboi589 fosters a unique and vibrant economy, driven by community creativity and engagement.

Community Driven

At the heart of Moonboi589 lies a strong, active community, steering the project through collective decision-making and participation.



How to buy Moonboi589

  1. Setup your XUMM wallet: Android | Apple
  2. Click here to add our Trustline and connect your XUMM wallet
  3. In your XUMM wallet select your Moonboi589 token, exchange how much XRP you would like to use to buy Moonboi589 then hit the exchange button
  4. Follow the purchase steps to successfully buy Moonboi589


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Tokenomics of Moonboi589

Tokenomics of Moonboi589

The tokenomics of Moonboi589 are designed to ensure a sustainable and growth-oriented ecosystem. With a focus on community rewards and long-term development, the allocation of tokens is as follows: Prime Movers 7%, Big Bang Marketing 3%, General Airdrop 70%, and various bonuses and competitions.

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What is Moonboi589?

Moonboi589 is a meme token created on the XRP Ledger. It's designed for community engagement and entertainment within the cryptocurrency space.

How can I obtain Moonboi589?

You can obtain Moonboi589 by trading on various decentralized exchanges or by participating in community activities. Refer to our 'Buy / Sell / Trade' section for detailed steps.

How to setup Moonboi589 $MB589 Trustline?

Setting up a Trustline for Moonboi589 $MB589 involves adding it to your XRP Ledger wallet. This allows you to receive and hold $MB589 tokens. Detailed instructions can be found in our 'How to Buy' section or by following community guides available online.

Can I use Moonboi589 for payments?

Currently, Moonboi589 is mainly used within its community for trading and as a collectible token. Its use as a payment method may be limited.

Where can I learn more about Moonboi589?

For more information, join our community channels or watch our tutorials on YouTube. Stay updated with the latest news and developments.

Is Moonboi589 a safe investment?

Like all cryptocurrencies, Moonboi589 comes with its risks. We advise doing thorough research and considering your risk tolerance before investing.

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