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And what did I see?

Greetings fellow Moonbois and Moongirls,

A long time ago I uttered these words about the true utility of a memecoin: it is the power of a free, decentralised, peer-to-peer memetic community. A decentralised social power that hearkens back to the early days of internet imageboards. In the last two years I have quietly observed the XRP Ledger altcoin ecosystem and mulled over my own past mistakes. And what did I see? Whilst tokens may be built upon a decentralised, censorship-resistant network - and even distributed fairly - the reality is that they become centralised socially, primarily by viewing certain social media accounts as the ‘official’ ones and by looking to supposedly ‘official’ leaders to lead the way. In the early days of XRdoge, the power of the token was the community. I encouraged you all to make your own Twitter/X accounts, your own Telegram groups, your own Discords. To make whatever memes, videos and artwork you wanted to. The unbound creativity that was unleashed was awesome. It brought a tear to my eye. This is the power behind any successful and lasting memecoin: the socially-decentralised memetic community. Not a singular centralised hub, but rather a decentralised network, interconnected through many strong and powerful co-dependent hubs. It is the transformation of the bridled potential memetic energy of the many into an unbridled and unstoppable creative memetic force. In this manifesto I will talk about the problems I see in many memecoins and how the new token I am launching - MB589 - aims to fix this through its launch mechanism. It will be quite unlike anything you have seen and will put right what once went wrong.

Where Memecoins Go Wrong

What makes a memecoin great? In my opinion, it is not the developers, not the ‘official’ leaders (the kings), but rather its ability to unleash the memetic powers of a vast number of people; its ability to create a decentralised but interconnected web of memetic cells that cannot be stopped.

What makes a memecoin poor? When the community starts to worship its kings.

Why do some view a handful of people as the project's official leaders? Solely because those people have the passwords for the two or three ‘official’ social media accounts, and maybe they gave themselves a tonne of tokens. A decentralised token becomes centralised in social belief - the unsubstantiated belief that these few centralised social media accounts are the ‘official’ ones. The web becomes tattered and torn, and the decentralised peer-to-peer memetic connections wither and die. As the memetic power of the community wanes, they start to wait for their handful of kings to do something. Once the community looks to be told what they should meme about, what the project is doing next, and what they should think - then that is slow death of creativity and thus, the death of a memecoin So why does a memecoin require a handful of ‘kings’ to hold vast swathes of project funds? For what good? It is wholly unnecessary for a memecoin. Some might answer: “to get onto a centralised exchange”.

MB589: Decentralised Memetics

Whilst MB589 will have no ‘official’ kings - that is: no one bestowed with the divine right to rule - inevitably, decentralised leaders will rise. In fact we want as many people as possible to take on the spiritual role of Moonboi589. What emerges will be a memocracy. The memetic power of each Moonboi will determine how high they rise and how much influence they hold. Some will rise and some will fall, to be replaced by new Moonbois. We want the decentralised but interconnected network to have many such hubs and concentrations of memetic power. These will be determined by the invisible hand of memocracy, not a divine right to rule, and not even by how many tokens one holds. Some Moonbois may form large groups to work together. Another Moonboi may never join groups, but will remain content to simply meme as a lone wolf. And anything in between.

The Big Bang Phase exists as a temporary centralisation to create the necessary Decentralised Memetic Network in which the power of Decentralised Memetics can work and flourish. We are currently in the Great Gathering as we concentrate our memetic power. Soon to follow this, we will unleash the hordes of Moonboi memelords. XRP, with its Ledger & DEX, already covers the traditional utility. MB589 is here to unleash the power of Decentralised Memetics. If the community wishes, it can be as much about promoting XRP, XRPL, the XRPL DEX and the wider ecosystem as it will be about promoting the MB589 token. The essence of Decentralised Memetics is freedom. Each will be free to wield the power of Decentralised Memetics as they see fit.

No Kings. No Devs. Only Memes.

The Utility of Decentralised Memetics

What is the utility of decentralized memetics?

Well, first of all, let’s ask what the utility of memetics is in general. Secondly, let’s remember that utility is just a fancy word for usefulness. So the first question is really, “what is the usefulness of memetics?”.

Well, take a look at a dollar bill. What do you notice? It is covered in memes. The Great Seal, the Federal Reserve Seal and an icon of a long dead president. Memetics have a power and utility that is coded into human nature, and indeed how this reality functions. Language itself is memetics - one simply has to look at its origin in hieroglyphics or Celtic runes. Even cave paintings, if you like.

Mankind has always found memes to be highly useful. Thus, they have utility.

If we look at nature there is the phenomenon of warning colouration. It is usually some combination of red, yellow, black and white. This is a biological meme. This meme has spread into human memetics - just look at traffic lights and road signage.

Or we can look at the world of business. Banks used to have neoclassical architecture projecting stability, longevity and power. Now they look like coffee shops. What changed is the memetic framework they are operating in, and they have adapted their memetic appearance to fit. Their change in memetics is useful, thus it has utility.

A king sits on a throne, a businessman wears a suit, an artist may appear bedraggled. These are all appropriate memetic frameworks to achieve a goal. This is the utility of memetics.

Even language itself is memetics. Every religious text, every revolutionary tract, every song you hear on the radio; these are all full of powerful memetic imagery, symbolism, allegories and metaphors. Their usefulness is to take an idea and present it to the world.

However, there is a dark side to this. One might say that propaganda is a synonym for centralised memetics and the means by which the many are manipulated by the few. In 1984, the Ministry of Truth can be viewed as a centralised memetic organisation. One of its key memes was the image of Big Brother seen everywhere, informing the populace they were being watched.

Without malicious intent, most memecoins fall into centralised memetics via their centralised ‘official’ social media accounts, as has been discussed earlier.

Decentralised Memetics is the idea of applying the same ethos of decentralisation to memes, memetic communities and memecoins. Not for manipulative propaganda, but for freedom. The aim is to unleash the creative spark of as many people as possible in an interconnected but still decentralised web.

The possibilities it can bring are endless, which is the very usefulness of Decentralised Memetics.

MB589 Big Bang Phase: the Centre Will Not Hold

The Moonboi589 token (MB589) launch phase will be quite unlike anything you have seen. A handful of prime movers are motivated to put right what once went wrong, but like the deist god, once the big bang phase is over, they pull back, leaving the free will of the community and its multiplicity of memetic interactions to decide what happens next. The prime movers will return to being just one more person in the community - no more or less than anyone else.

The Big Bang Phase has two memetic movements. A concentration of as much energy as possible, followed by an almighty explosion.

First the gathering, then the unleashing of the hordes.

The first phase is The Great Gathering. The prime movers will provide temporary centralised memetic spaces to concentrate the memetic power of as many Moonbois and memelords as possible. This will include Twitter/X, Telegram and Discord. Here memetic ideas will flow, and interact and grow. Comrades will be met, and friends made. Shill groups will form to spread the good word of Decentralised Memetics.

Next, we Unleash the Hordes!!!

The prime mover social media accounts - Twitter/X, Telegram, Discord etc - will go dormant 5 weeks after the main airdrop. The Great Gathering will be complete. The prime movers’ social media accounts only serve as a temporarily centralised hub to concentrate the memetic forces as much as possible. Once their work is done, they will go dark. The Hordes will be unleashed, and it will be up to the Decentralised Memetic Network to spread its tentacles ever wider.

The main social media accounts will promote themselves, the airdrop and the manifesto during the Big Bang phase, but its main role will be to forge the connections of the Decentralised Memetic Network - to drive a multiplicity of independent Moonbois, guerilla memetic cells, and a multiplicity of hubs - all interconnected.

If someone runs a cool MB589 Twitter/X account, or makes an amazing video, or some start a raid group - we will share and promote it. The temporary ‘official’ Twitter/X account will be where you go to find out who else to follow. So, by the time of the airdrop, the Decentralised Memetic Network will be formed. It will be that which takes the token forward.

After the initial centralised hubs go dark, the work of potential spread of the memetic web is limitless, if the many free Moonbois make it so.

We will all become Moonboi589.

Who will do the work?

The answer is: anyone who wants to. There is no expectation of profit derived from the work of others. There is only an expectation of memes & fun derived from your memetic work, and your interaction with the memetic work of others. There is no official centralised group to control the natural flow of memetics once the Big Bang Phase is over.

The direction and progress of MB589 will be in the hands of anyone and everyone that wants to be involved, for as long as they want to be. In short, it will be up to the community - not in a collectivist sense, but in an anarcho-memetic sense - guided by the two invisible hands of enlightened economic self-interest and decentralised memetics.

The collective wealth of the Moonboi589 project comprises resources available for all to use. That is the MB589 token, the XRP Ledger, its DEX and the XUMM wallet. It also includes social media platforms like Twitter/X, Telegram and Discord, and of course the decentralised memetic force & network that anyone can tap into. On top of these common resources, anyone can build their own private groups or enterprises.

Maybe MB589 will stay on the XRPL DEX/Sologenic only. Maybe a few early adopters make a lot of money and want to pay to be listed on a centralised exchange. Maybe some will crowdsource it. It will be up to each and every Moonboi what happens, how long they want to be involved, and to what extent.

Holding just one MB589 token makes you part of the decentralised memetic organism that will be MB589, and what that means is up to you.

I’ll give an example of this happening. I am a holder of a coin elsewhere on a very small blockchain. There are devs, but the devs don’t own a large amount of coins to pay for things, and they work in their own time. The non-dev side is driven by the community. Community members have formed their own groups to create a new website. They collected $2k and arranged and paid for a new CEX listing on a small, reasonably priced, but growing exchange. This was all done independently of the developers. The community have created their own marketing groups and are creating their own Telegram groups for formal and guerilla marketing. This they have all achieved without instruction from on high.

Off their own backs, community members learned the process of exchange listings, researched which would be the best fit within a reasonable price range, and they got it done. This is what is possible. Instead of waiting on the developers, they have acted both independently and together in order to pump their own bags.

How could this be achieved with MB589? I will go into more detail in a future video.

Again, MB589 is not collectivism where all march to the beat of the same drum. No, that requires “official” social media accounts and supposed ‘kings’ of the coin.

We seek to have many private and/or open hubs of varying concentrations of memetic power interconnected to degrees that they desire - freedom of association and dissociation. I believe that what we can achieve is boundless.

In MB589 we meme our bags both as individuals and together as a community, as we each see fit.

Memes First. Fun Foremost.

Before we get started, the most important thing to note is that XRP is, and remains, the crown jewel of the XRP Ledger.

The MB589 token is not something to put your life's savings in, nor what you cannot afford to lose.

In fact, MB589 is about Memes & Fun - first and foremost. We can have fun & meme if the price goes up, and we can have fun & meme if the price goes down. Building the Decentralised Memetic Network, memeing and having fun are primary. Price will just do what it does.

No one is saying you can’t want and hope for the price to go up, but prices go up and prices can go down as well. A change of psychology is needed in order to help keep the memetic energy strong during accumulation zones.

What is that change in psychology?

Well, as the Decentralised Memetic Network of MB589 waxes ever greater, so my claims over Moonboi589 will wane ever more. Over the Big Bang period I will gradually relinquish the title of Moonboi589.

This means that anyone can manifest the spirit of Moonboi589. If you just hold one token, you can be Moonboi589.

I return to the boring old bloke I always was. No more or less than any other wielder of the MB589 memetic force. I will not be the ruler of anyone or anything. There is no fear of the creators abandoning the project, because that is the whole point. I will not abandon you, but I will return to being just the same as any other Moonboi.

Perhaps you think it arrogant for me to name a token after myself, but to repeat: it is named after a character.

Moonboi589 is to become the faceless and nameless spirit of Moonboiness on the XRPL and of XRP. This is the twin memetic symbolism of MB589. Being an unapologetic Moonboi, and the 589 mystique, is the memetic lore of the XRPL The spirit of Moonboi589 can be used to promote MB589, or XRP, or the XRPL as a whole. The ups and downs. The good and the bad.

Descriptive text for the image

The spirit of Moonboi589 can be used to promote MB589, or XRP, or the XRPL as a whole. The ups and downs. The good and the bad. This is personified in the logo. However, anyone may build upon this as they see fit. If you want to use this image as your avatar, go for it. If you wish to change the background, go for it. If you are female and want to adapt it and call yourself a Moongirl, go for it. If you want to be Moonboi420 or Moonboi69, go for it.

Memes first & fun foremost. Always. No matter the temporary ups and downs of price.

Always seeking to increase the power of decentralised memetics, increasing the size of the resultant Decentralised Memetic Network.

Rocket memes on the way up, gallows humour memes on the way down. Then if the prices go down for a while, there is no one else to look to but oneself for how to build up the necessary memetic energy during accumulation phases with which to launch the next advance.

No more pleading for the kings to do something, or looking to the official Twitter/X account, because there will be none.

You meme your own bags, and the Decentralised Memetic Network of Moonbois memes their bags independently, or together, or both! It is up to you.

We come to spread the good word of Decentralised Memetics and promote MB589, XRP and the XRP Ledger ecosystem. If we allow the price to just be what it will be, we can have fun no matter what.

Star Wars and MB589

A chap called George Lucas wrote a film called Star Wars. A space adventure based on the existing memetic lore of the ‘hero’s journey’. It got big, really big. What made it so? Yes, the quality of the new presentation of age-old memetic lore, but really it was the fandom. The art they made, the fanzines, their own communities - all distinct from anything ‘official’.

George Lucas is the equivalent of what the prime movers are attempting to unleash in the Big Bang Phase of MB589.

What happened next for Star Wars? The fans cried out for George Lucas to make movies. However, whilst they waited they wrote their own stories and created artwork. But none of this could be considered “canon”. Finally George Lucas released ‘Episode I - the Phantom Menace.’ Disappointment abounded. Some said that George Lucas had killed their childhood. Years and years of the fanbase waiting on their centralised leader to do something. When he finally did, it wasn’t what they wanted.

What did George do next? He handed over control of Star Wars to Kathleen Kennedy and Disney, and as the quality of Star Wars continues to diminish, the fandom gives up hope and moves on.

What if, just what if, instead of selling Star Wars to Disney, George Lucas had placed all of Star Wars into the public domain. What if he had done this after the original trilogy, or even after the prequels. Just think of how much more the fanbase would have created by freely building upon what the prime mover had done.

There would have been no official canon outside of the original trilogy or even prequels. Anyone could write backstories and tales of an expanded universe. Who would determine what is canon? Outside of the few initial movies, canon would just be what each person thought for themselves. The fandom would not have become disappointed & disillusioned by forever waiting for what their leaders tell them is now Star Wars.

Like with Greek mythology, the memetic power of some stories and characters would have greater effect and staying power than others. However, this isn’t because the Pope of Memetics decrees it on Twitter/X with memetic decrees from on high. No, just the outcome of the decentralised memetic forces and their ineffable movings.

But what about the price of the token? Who controls it?

If there is any truth to the idea of four-year cycles then we are currently at a midpoint. Maybe we launch the token and it goes to zero. Maybe it pumps and never comes back down. Maybe it pumps and retraces, and then stays in an accumulation zone for a year before really taking off in the final phases of a bull run. Who knows? Not me.

Price is just what follows, and is out of our hands. What then does lie within our grasp? Our memetic capabilities and creative spark. Our ability to tap into the ineffable forces of memes.

The less we let temporary prices upset us, the more we resist the urge to look for a handful of kings to make things happen, and thus the more we will focus on the power of tens of thousands of memelords working their magic. What we must manifest is an unstoppable force in the XRPL that cannot be swayed by the temporary glories or disasters of price. This idea must be instilled in our heads from the beginning. When the time comes for the XRPL altseason, whenever that is, we must be ready.

Remember what we accomplished in a short time at the end of the last bull run. Think what we can achieve with more time to build our network, more time to build memetic lore, more time to have fun!

Please see the tokenomics and airdrop paper at for full details.

Only a small number of tokens is being kept back for the prime movers, with no one receiving more than 1%. The majority will be available for those who set up a trustline.

However, there will be a significant gift for those who do the most work to spread our decentralised memetics and create our powerful Decentralised Memetic Network.

This is not a payment for work, but as a gift for those that did the work. See the tokenomics & airdrop whitepaper. It will also be fully explained in future videos.


For those who wish to embark on this adventure with us we have one month to build the foundations of an unstoppable memetic network. However, the airdrop won’t be the end, it will only be the true beginning. The task of spreading the memetic network can ride as far and long as us Moonbois can take it.

Moonboi589 himself never dies. He only passes the torch.

By the end of the Big Bang Phase my time as the individual known as Moonboi589 will fade away. However, the spirit of Moonboi589 will not die as long as the spirit of memetics lives on in MB589, XRP & the XRPL.

Some individual hubs of the Decentralised Memetic nNtwork will wax large in memetic power or they may wane in memetic power. Individual influencers will rise and they will fall. Particular memes and lore will rise and they will fall. Price may rise and price may fall.

However, those holding the true spirit of Moonboi589 will not mind either way. If a Telegram community, or a Discord raid group, waxes in popularity then they may take part, if it later wanes then so be it. This is in the hands of the ineffable memetic spirit. Each Moonboi remains their own individual node in the decentralised web regardless. Moonboi589 cannot die. Individual Moonbois can wax large or fade away.

One Moonboi may never join groups, but remain content to simply meme as a lone wolf. Another may join a Telegram group, or follow a Youtube channel of their favourite influencer in their first week and be happy with being solely part of that single hub forever. A third Moonboi may join every single group and channel going! Either way, all carry the spirit of Moonboi589 and each is an individual memetic node of the Decentralised Memetic Network.

For a while, some Moonbois may have more influence than others, but ‘who becomes what’ will be up to their own personal preference and the invisible hand of the memetic spirit. All remain Moonbois and none of this is decreed by a centralised authority.

People will come, and people will go, but the spirit of Moonboi589 will carry on regardless.

Moonboi589 never dies. Individual Moonbois can stay prolific, or fade away whilst new Moonbois rise to replace them.

I am Moonboi589.
You are Moonboi589.
We are all Moonboi589.

MB589: Decentralised Memetics.
No Kings. Only Memes.

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